“3 Blind Mice” slots

3 Blind Mice

3 Blind Mice Slot is an online slot designed by casino software developers Leander Games. These are popular for being one of the first Latin Americans to rank among the best casinos in the world.

Its success is due to the quality of its products and the profitability of its games of chance. This slot machine is proof of this, as it is a very entertaining game, with an amazing design and very lucrative.



3 Blind Mice has a very well built design. This slot has details that make it stand out from most slots on the market. Among the highest quality elements we can highlight: theme, graphics and animations.

The theme of this slot is very creative. It is the story of 3 very naughty mice that do mischief in a grocery store. On the reels of this slot we will find images such as: breads, cheeses, hams and much more. In addition, the slot is embedded in one of the walls of the store. From this, you can see the food for sale, the cash register and more.

The graphics of this slot are excellent. Its design is a very well elaborated mixture of two and three dimensions. However, the best is the lighting that has been used, since it emulates that of sunlight. This element makes the 3 Blind Mice slot game look almost real.

The animations are very funny and will keep the attention of the players. At the beginning of the slot will be presented an animated short with the antics of these mice. When finding winning sequences, the animations that are presented will surprise the bettor and amuse him.



3 Blind Mice slot machine has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Furthermore, this game offers the chance to enhance winnings with multiplier mini-games and free kicks.

The user can choose a figure between the amounts €0.01 and €10 for each payment line. So the maximum bet amount is €200 in a single spin. In this game, the versatility of the bets stands out.

3 Blind Mice is a profitable game, so it is ideal for people who want to play real money. For this, the user can subscribe to the platform and start enjoying the welcome bonus and more. These and many more surprises can be found in the 3 Blind Mice slot machine.

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