Special bet: Only available as a single bet

Special bet

This does not necessarily have to involve soccer, yet special bets are clearly dominant for the soccer betting market at 22Bet. Among other things, bets on specific players, bets on the exact result or even the number of yellow and red cards are among typical special bets.

However, here you can already notice that not all types of bets are possible and can count as the best type of bet. Special bets are usually only available as single bets.



In this way, the sports betting providers try to connect you as closely as possible with the game, so that the probability is greater that you will add another bet during the course of the game according to the course of the game.

Some bookmakers even go one step further – they let you create your own special bets and offer you a betting odds for it. This is especially known from British betting shops, which is why bookmakers like Ladbrokes or Coral are among the pioneers here.

If you make such special bets strategically clever, you can clear very rewarding here. To do this, you need to understand what the bookmaker wants to achieve with the betting option. Then it is possible to use this knowledge against the bookie.

Risky bets with system bets: Since in some cases you also want to tickle the risk a little, system bets are especially suitable for particularly risky bets.

This way you can strategically combine risky bets, such as on the half-time score, with other less risky bets. As single bets they would be too risky and as combination bets they could destroy your entire betting slip.

However, if you play a system ticket with 2 out of 3, you can pack this risk well. In many cases, this variant is more worthwhile and you can follow your gut feeling without taking a huge risk.



Betting types and the modern betting markets are enormously diverse: Even though you might have hoped at the beginning of our article that we would be able to give you an exact answer to your question about the best type of bet, this is actually more complicated. There is simply no exact or blanket answer to the question of the best type of bet.

Undoubtedly, single and combined bets are the most popular types of bets that most customers of sports betting providers use. But the best type of bet? The answer to this is subjective and is based on various factors.

No matter which variant you choose or whether you focus on live betting and possible cash-outs, for example – your personal preference is decisive. However, you need experience to make this decision. Therefore, we definitely recommend you to be open-minded and not to reject any type of bet from the beginning, not even supposedly more complex variants.

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