Liga Endesa ACB Playoff Betting 2023: Premium Predictions

ACB Playoff Betting

Start the good. After the end of the regular ACB League, the race to win the title will begin. Two phases separate 8 teams from reaching the grand final and claiming glory. A glory that can also be yours with the forecasts for your Playoff ACB 2022 bets that you will find on this page. Ready to give it your all?

Who are the 8 teams present in the 2022 Endesa ACB League Playoff bets? At what point do they reach the final phase? When will the games be played? These questions and many more will have an answer, which you can find on this page, as well as all the predictions for the ACB Playoff 2023.

Meetings: Barcelona (1) – Gran Canaria (8), Joventut (4) – Tenerife (5), Madrid (2) – Manresa (7) and Valencia (3) – Baskonia (6)

When will it be played? The rooms (best of three) between May 24 and 31. The semifinals will be played again in the best of five format, from June 2 to 12, and the final to 5 from June 12 to 22.

Who are the favourites? Most of the forecasts for the 2022 Playoff place Barcelona and Madrid, leaders of the regular phase, in the lead (27 and 25 victories, respectively).

ACB Playoff Palmares for bets

ACB Playoff Palmares

Each season is different, but seeing who is strong in a competition is a fundamental tool that you don’t want to give up. Who have won the last competitions?

  • 2020-2021: Barcelona
  • 2019-20: Baskonia
  • 2017-18 and 18-19: Real Madrid
  • 2016-17: Valencia
  • 2014-14 and 15-16: Real Madrid
  • 2013-14: Barcelona
  • 2012-13: Real Madrid
  • 2010-11 and 2011-12: Barcelona

As a curiosity, in these 10 editions, Barcelona has been runner-up 5, by 3 Real Madrid and 1 Baskonia and Bilbao. In all the finals there has been the presence of Barcelona or Madrid, while the two have disputed it in 6 of them.

How to take advantage of Playoff ACB bets?

advantage of Playoff ACB

To get the most out of your ACB Playoff bets, the strategies that served you for the regular league, or for any other market, will not serve you 100%. Although it is true that being 100% up-to-date with the news and/or keeping the statistics in mind is necessary, due to the specificities of this competition, you must have more elements in mind:

  • Open to changes: The result and the game seen in a match can make your predictions vary 100%
  • Try all markets: In some games there is still a big difference, despite being a Playoff. Therefore, handicap bets can make a lot of sense.

In the final phases of the ACB Playoff, however, more conservative bets may make more sense. If you are not sure who will win, try point bets, for example

Bet scientifically: Try to support your bets to the maximum in data, statistics and record your results. Step away from intuitions and personal preferences, and embrace cold numbers.

After all, remember that ACB Playoff bets are very tricky. Some very unequal first games, with clear favourites, but also high volatility. With many games in a few days, anything can happen!

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