NBA Sports Betting: tutorial and predictions from an expert

NBA Sports Betting

Would you like to become the Michael Jordan of NBA sports betting tips? For sure yes! But first let me tell you that although basketball seems like a fairly simple sport, sports betting on the NBA is not so simple. So, if you want to succeed and get a bonus with each day, don’t miss this post…

In this post about NBA predictions we offer you the best odds and tips for the most outstanding matches of each day so that you can make the best bet. Mandatory reading before betting!

You already know the NBA forecasts for today, for this morning. But if you still want to know more about NBA betting for today, we recommend that you review the best tips to spot real bargains in predictions for the best basketball league in the world.

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Types of sports bets on the NBA

Types of sports bets

In basketball it is not very profitable to make a simple bet on the winner of the game. Think that since there is no tie, the odds in this market are quite low and, therefore, the profits are too. Hence the importance of understanding the operation of each market, so that your NBA sports bets make more sense and are much more productive.

And it goes without saying that NBA Playoffs betting is a bit different as well. But that is another story…

We are going to see four of the most interesting markets:

  • Combination on the winner of several matches: although I was saying that making a simple bet was not very profitable, making a combination bet on the winner of several matches is. By combining three matches, the price would reach a much higher fee per euro wagered.
  • Total Points: it is the typical bet that you play at 50%. Almost always, the line of total points is usually between 190 and 230 approximately. In this market you have to take into account the offensive and defensive capacity of the teams that face each other.
  • Handicap: this betting market is ideal when there is a lot of difference between the two teams that are going to face each other. For practical purposes it is very similar to the total points market. The probability of success is usually 50%. I’ll give an example: In a confrontation between the Warriors and the Raptors, the favorites are Curry and company. That’s why the Warriors start with a -11.5 point handicap. To win your bet, Golden State would have to win the game with a difference of at least 11.5 points.
  • Early or long-term: in addition to betting on the matches of the day, you can also make your long-term forecasts. That is, which team will win the competition, who will be the MVP… The problem with this type of market is that you will not collect the bet until the competition ends.

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Factors to take into account before making your NBA forecast

NBA forecast

If you want to become a professional bettor you will have to hold on to more than luck. Let’s see what kind of factors can alter our bets on the NBA:

Stats and track record: All teams, no matter how invincible they seem, go through good and bad streaks throughout a season. And that’s where the good punters come in. You have to analyze the trajectory of the teams before betting. The Celtics may be favorites against the 76ers, but he thinks that if the Bostonians go through a losing streak, the forces will even out. The same thing happens with statistics. If a player accumulates a few games being the best on his team, he is more likely to be the top scorer or the MVP of the game.

Team calendar: it is already known that many games are played in the NBA throughout the week, especially in the regular season. This means that the teams are dosing themselves to reach the final stretch in top form. And this, whether you want it or not, affects the bets a lot. For example, if the Lakers accumulate two consecutive games against important rivals in which their starters have played many minutes, it is most likely that they will have more rest in the next game. With which, even if they play against an inferior team, the chances of defeat are much higher.

Changes and injuries: as I was saying, rotations in the NBA are the order of the day. It is unsustainable to play every game with the same players. And then there are also the injuries. Most NBA teams live off the performances of their franchise players. The injury of any of them can lead to a bad streak of games. If before betting, you study the teams that are going to face each other well, it is much more likely to win a good prize.

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